People Bigfoot Met -- 2001/Endgame

Dirty Boots

A southbounder from England. He rarely hiked more than ten miles a day. When I met him the on the flop-side of my hike, he was only eating one meal a day.


A french-canadian. All I recal is that he was puzzled at how sweet everyithing Americans drink is.


At the end of my hike, I passed this guy. In my journal, I described his speech as "quiet and stataco."

Findy & Piper

A mother-daughter pair on a section hike. They taught me the game of jotto. I still think "inane" and "aseat" are the best words.


A northbound hiker I met near the end of my hike. He could quote Douglas Adams.

Open Handed Grouse

I think I exchanged maybe 5 words with this kid. He was spotted hiking north with Vivi after I flopped. I suppose he's a decent guy.

Becca & Mota

The last two hikers I ever met. Becca clued me in to migrant jobs during the summer, and Mota was a college drop out with a very good mind. He was reading books out loud.

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