People Bigfoot Met -- 2001/Shenandoah Crew

Silent Bob

One of the first hiker's Bluesman, Treethumper, and I met after jumping north. He lived up to his name, and let me go on for five minutes after hearing a word wrong in a question. I would probably be embarassed if I could remember more.


He drove us around Waynesboro, and was also an avid trial maintainer along with being a hiker. Cool, if wordy. I got neat military stories out of him regarding titanium.


One of the hikers I caught up with in Harpers Ferry. He is not in any picture because, and you get three guesses at this, he was on the computer.


One of that class of wild single female hikers. Memorable. Caught up with her in Harpers Ferry

Crazy Fox

See Cosmo :)


Another Shenandoah person. She is a nice girl, except for her dark secret, which weighs heavily, but I must not share. Heh.

Heatmizer & Little Train
A couple spotted in Harpers Ferry. Like everyone else we met after jumping forward, it was neat to put a face on the register entries.
Flying Bear

A red-headed boy who barely escaped with his life when trees crushed his tent. Met in the Shenandoah.


Another guy from the Shenandoah. This man gradated with me last December from the University of Florida. Go Gators.

Johny Six String

Finally caught up with this guy in Harpers Ferry. His register entries are done in a baroque, flourished print, he carries a guitar, and started with sixty-five pounds. I was happy to see him not drop out.

Chachie & Jucinda

A boy and his dog. What can I say, yet another Shenandoah hiker.


A guy I also met in the Shenandoah. He is one of the hammock hikers, but I did see him in a shelter once. He has lots of local knowledge of the ski industry.

Silver Bahr

An old man who started hiking with an Iridium phone. That's serious gear.

Big Toe & Q-Tip

I hardly know either of these two. They ran by in the SNP.

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