People Bigfoot Met -- 2001/Into Damascus


A man from New Orleans who I met in Erwin, and then ran into on the flop-side at the end of my hike. Good people person, with a light-weight pack.

What About Bob (Yogi)

No one anywhere has a stronger Yankee ancent than this man. He talks non-stop, but at least he talks about interesting stuff. I would like to see one of his New England clam-bakes.

Streak & Yosef

Brothers from a large catholic family hiking in their dad's memory. Streak ran the Chicago marathon in 2:26 I think. They were uproarious and the cause of several twenties, the thirty, and finally the forty mile Damascathon. I gave up chase after that.


Good friend to Treethumper, the cause of their hike. Good singer, and good hiker as well, judging from his race through the Shenandoah. I would really like to hear what he gets put down in a studio session.


Good friend to Bluesman, I hiked with him through the Shenandoah. He's hardcore, so look out.

Moe & His Girl

I met them at The Place, and then an accidental meeting with them on Buzzard Rock set my mini-flip-flop into stone.

The Chemist & His Friend

More people I met in Damascus. I never did see them again.

Vivi (Springtime)

She is on a six-month visa from Isreal. Her boots always needed repairs, but she was always one of the brightest, happiest people I knew on the trail. She brought a fresh and curious outlook onto American culture.

Shakey Leggs

Both his knees blew out, and he's still hiking. That is determination. I hope he makes it into MIT.

Crazy Larry

Met him in Hot Springs. Heard he was kicked out later. Nice guy - he's Larry, and he's Crazy.


Curious man on the trail. Garbage bags and bungee cords were his pack. He left amusing register entries, which is better than gold, or cold sodas if you're hiking. Ok, not much beats out a cold soda, except cold beer.


A very fast hiker, who I met once in Hot Springs. He was with Audrey until she left the trail as planned.


Fastest female hiker I ever met. She left the trail for an outdoor survival school. She's probably hardcore. But nice. I met her in Hot Springs at Elmer's


A nondescript woman who I recal hiking into Hot Springs with. I think she may have been a lot like a female version of me, only not as wierd.

Bill Bryson

An energetic old man, very pissed off that "that other Bryson" had ruined his name. Understandably so.

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