People Bigfoot Met -- 2001/Starting Out

Hammock Boy, Repack, & Magellan

Named by Bear Bait as "The Kentucky Boys." These are some of the first people I met. I spent the night on Blood Mountain with Hammock Boy, and surpised them with my 18 mile day out of Neels Gap. They abandoned their week-long section hike early due to blisters.

Bear Bait

She chased a bear that stole her pack. With a pen-knife. In flip-flops. Wow. Last seen in Hiawasee.

Nate Who Would Rather Bowl

Started with Bear Bait, but went back to Texas to bowl, I guess.


This Georgia Tech EE will be designing DSP cores soon enough. I spent maybe a week hiking with him. He was the first Go-Lite person I saw, and the first with an alcohol stove.

Adam & Squirrel

Two kids I split a cabin with at Neels Gap. They very quickly got ahead of me. I wonder if they caught my entries in the Shenandoah.

Turtle Old Man

A south-bounder I met at Neels Gap. He impressed all us green north-bounders with 20 mile days. And he's old. Very cool.

Josh, Luke, Chad, & Mogley

These three lazy bums and their mangy mutt - no offense - were very slow moving, but having a good time. I spent some time in GA or possible NC with them. I had Luke's gloves for several days, and left them at Fontana Dam.

Hobo & Bo

A woman and her dog. She was wise and the dog was smarter and more obedient than pretty much most people I know.


This guy was waiting for Josh, Luke, and Chad at Fontana. I entrusted him with mailing several things home for me - only my journal ever showed up. Despite running into him in the Shenandoah much later, I never did get the story. Oh, well.

Steve & Chris

More fast hikers like Adam and Squirrel. They passed me in Fontana.


Almost my first hiking partner. We were going at similar paces, he was seeing lots of bear, but then I think he got sucked into the NOC. Still, I think my pool game is the better for our having met.


An IBM exec who liked to build fired every night. Good for conversation.


A deer hunter. Used bows, apparently.

Mailman & Caboose

Southbounders I met in the Smokies. Still married after being on the trail for how long? We shared several ideas about hiking.

Troop 42

A group of well-behaved kids who eventually let me into their social circles after a day or three. The oldest had very keen insights into high school life.

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